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Invest in The Fair Traders Co-operative

Your Young Co-operative could use its profits to buy shares in The Fair Traders Co-operative, a community co-operative which has formed to sell affordable, ethical products that have a positive impact on people and the planet. Members – people who invest between £20 and £20,000 in The Fair Traders Co-operative – are encouraged to have a say in the future development of the co-operative, as well as take part in the unique assessment process it has devised to decide which products it sells.

The co-operative, which has been set up to help develop Fairtrade, will be working closely with and buying Fairtrade goods from small producers in places like India, Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya. Products such as food (including non perishable gift foods), drink (including organic real ale in returnable bottles from the local micro-brewery), home wares, stationery, beauty and wellbeing products, fashion accessories and arts and crafts goods will be sold from its website and a shop in Holmfirth.

Every product sold, and every supplier the co-operative works with, will have undergone a sustainability assessment looking at its environmental, social and economic impacts, including minimising damage to the environment and maximizing the positive impact on climate threat. The co-operative also assesses their level of lasting economic benefits and impact on world poverty, whether directly or indirectly. Members will be able use the website to feed in comments and their assessments of the products, thereby seeing consumer power in action.